Why choose a CodeIgniter framework in PHP development?

Fri, 11.09.2020
Mohsinali Chidi
Director of Project Management & Development
Why choose a CodeIgniter framework in PHP development

What do you mean by CodeIgniter?
CodeIgniter is nothing but a PHP MVC framework. We use it to develop more web applications in a rapid manner. We can see that CodeIgniter is capable of providing every user with an out of the box library meant to connect to the respective database. It can also perform various operations such as uploading files, sending emails, managing user sessions, etc.

What are the topmost CodeIgniter Features you should be knowing about?
Let’s see in detail on a few CodeIgniter features which would make it a great solution. Take a look at the list below to understand yourself. You would get a clear picture of what you need to expect.

Small footprint in terms of memory management
The complete source code meant for the CodeIgniter framework would be closer to the range of 2MB. You can easily master CodeIgniter and come to know how it works. This would in turn simplify all the process involved in updating and deploying it.

Extremely fast
Many users do have the tendency to favour different applications which would load in a very fast manner. When you have experience working on various modern frameworks, you would have noticed that they consume less than a second when they want to load after installation. With CodeIgniter, you have the freedom to load on average around a speed of 50ms. You can understand that the excess of time would be spent on optimizing. This would be the case while working with CodeIgniter.

Loosely coupled built-in features
All the built-in features would be designed in a way where they can work independently with no rely upon any other components. All this would make it extremely easy when you want to maintain as well as make various upgrades.

MVC Architecture
This framework would be using Model-View-Controller architecture design. These are the industry standard practices while you go on and work with various web applications. We can also notice that MVC would take in charge and separate various data, presentation and business logic.

High-end documentation
You can understand that the framework has been well documented. We have plenty of tutorials, good books and forum questions available on CodeIgniter. This would also mean that whatever hard challenge we are going to face in the process, someone would have already faced the problem. You can take a look at how they solved it and find the right solution.

Application-oriented built-in components
CodeIgniter consists of components meant to send an email, handle database management along with session management. There are many more features as you go on and discover more about it in the tutorials.

Extendable features
We can notice that CodeIgniter consists of a few libraries, along with helpers who are out of the box. While you notice that whatever you wanted is not present, then you can implement any existing feature in your own style. You can get this done by the way you create your own libraries, packages and helpers.

Easier learning curve
Anyone who has mastered PHP can easily learn CodeIgniter. This can happen within a very short span of time. Any student can develop professional apps with CodeIgniter.

How CodeIgniter Works?
Being an MVC framework, you should understand that CodeIgniter would stand for Model View Controller. While any user would request a specific resource, your controller would be responding to it first. It is the controller who understands what the user request is. Then they would request all the necessary data whenever it becomes necessary.

Hope we have enlightened you regarding CodeIgniter. Do you have more queries? Get back to our team at Qalbit.

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