Things to consider before hiring web developer: Agency vs Freelancer

Thu, 01.10.2020
Abidhusain Chidi
Founder and CEO
Things to consider before hiring web developer Agency vs Freelancer

When we think of starting a website, we first think of a web developer. A web developer is a programmer who specializes or specifically engages in the development of the World Wide Web (WWW) application using the client-server model. Typically HTML / CSS / JavaScript is in the client, PHP / ASP.NET / Python or JAVA in the server & and HTTP for communications between client and server.

In simpler terms a web developer (also called web designers/webmasters) design & maintain the website. It can be a basic website layout to a highly advanced website based on client demand.

The User interface we witness like the design, styling overall outlook is done by front end developers with the help of HTML / CSS / JS.

Whereas backend developers are everything about the system which isn’t visible to the users. It is taking care of the server-side of applications that happens behind the scenes without the user’s knowledge.

Now that you have a basic understanding of web developers, you need to know the right type of developer to pick for our work.

How do you choose between a Freelancer & an Agency developer?
How to make the right choice?

For that let’s understand the difference between a Freelancer & an Agency developer.

Freelance developers: In today’s time a lot of people opt for freelancing. As per the estimate, Freelancers are usually hired for a particular project. All they have to do is to complete the job & get paid. They usually have the freedom to choose the work they wish to do & can take multiple projects at once.

Agency Developers: As the name suggests they are agency developers who are nothing but the developers who work under an Agency. An agency developer is a bind in the process of work like a company. Unlike the freelancer, here the Agency will have a team of expert to handle the project execution so clients feel more confident about his dream project to be a successful outcome.

There are multiple factors you should consider before deciding the type of developer you want-

Know your Project: The most important factor would be the detailing of your project i.e. time frame, budget, complexity, design, etc. Once you have everything planned, it becomes quite easy to pick.

Most people who hire agency developers are companies or people developing systems or software. It’s better to hire an agency developer in this case because it’s an ongoing process & it will require dedication & loyalty. They will involve themselves with your ideas, thought process & consequently work with you as a team to achieve the desired result. On the other hand, a freelancer wouldn’t take much interest in understanding your background, thoughts, etc except for the detailing required for the project, as they are always on the run to finish an assignment & jump to the next, so there is a possibility of less involvement & dedication.

Connectivity & Communication: While working on your project there has to be steady communication, the flow of inputs, and the exchange of ideas which will ensure a smooth flow of work.

When you have a dedicated member in your team, it’s easy to interact, share your ideas & make any changes as & when needed. It is also useful because when a person is part of your team he tends to share his ideas & help you with his inputs & make your work quite easy & better.

On the contrary communication with freelancers can be rigid; they are handling multiple projects at a time & they are directly not a part of your project or team &. Hence there is no constant interaction or update on your work, which can block your work.

Exposure: An Agency developer has an incredible scope of website architecture which is a plus point for the client. As experienced advanced workers, they have worked for multiple clients & are aware of different methods, structures, or patterns that usually come with their experience while working for different types of clients.

While the freelancer works for multiple projects simultaneously, but they lack the exposure that of a agency developer. They just take up assignments, complete it & handover, but they have no experience being on the front foot & working with the client directly on daily basis.

Efficiency & productivity: in this case the agency employee has an upper hand. Being in constant interaction with the client & understanding that solemnity of the delivery or completion of the work, they tend to invest their time & dedicatedly complete the task, because they are committed to you & your work solely.

In the case of a freelancer, they are handling multiple projects at a time. In this case, the productivity can be less, because they may be working on different projects along with yours & may have another project as a priority.

Supervision: By supervision, it means being aware of the progress of the work & it is an important aspect because you need to know if things are working, the way you have planned it. It is quite easy to keep an eye on an agency employee as he is present with you & is constantly working on your inputs. You can always evaluate if the person is dedicatedly working towards your project without being distracted.

Whereas it is difficult to gauge in a freelancers case. You are not sure if the person is working all the hours he is paid for. This can be a drawback because it can affect your work.

We could conclude by saying that you can pick what best suits your business requirement. But I would say an agency developer would be a good pick. Not only they are committed, but they do have a wide exposure working on multiple clients & possess diverse experience. One may think the cost is comparatively high while hiring an agency developer, but the productivity & the quality of work is worth it. A freelancer has their way of working; it can’t be termed as inaccurate. But when it comes down to the choice between an agency & freelancer then definitely an agency developer would be more appreciable because your work will be done hassle-free. So are you looking for an agency for your project?

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